Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My privacy

If you are going to get a blog and posting things there for other views (as if I am ever going to get viewers on this blog) is that you have to post regularly and you have to post about interesting things. I am not getting into the fun stuff just yet, but rather building a good archive a basis for this blog..

One of the first things you have to consider when creating a blog about security is what level of security am I going to choose. That equates to how much privacy am I going to give up. For me I cannot post totally anonymously because I have chosen to identify myself as tordr on this blog. It is a name I have used on line for some years now and I do not want to create a new one. I would be anonymous if my identity was and or what, but tordr is a quite distinct set of letters. Therefore my true identity should be available through google in under one minute. For anyone still guessing: I am a Norwegian interested in cryptography, computer security and privacy, also a gamer.

(Edited 10.1.07)

So think about what you publish and how or if it can be traced back to you.