Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I am a nerd and proud to be a nerd. There is no way around it, but I was born 10 years before nerds started to be cool. Now the movement to make nerds a part of everyone's reality is starting to get traction as the internet becomes all pervasive.

today's new word: Nerdcore - being a nerd and rapping about it.
A documentary that is going to come out about it:
A youtube trailer of the documentary.

Even Dagbladet (Norwegian paper) liked to something about it today, but they linked movie called Nerdcore rising.

And for today's science I bring you a computer simulations of life inside a cell.


At 11/1/07 12:34, Anonymous Martin said...

You might have seen the error flagged on Planet DAIMI... you need to encode all ampersands (&) in your URLs with &. I think that should fix the problem.

At 11/1/07 12:41, Anonymous Martin said...

Ahh, okay --- blogger seems to have a slight problems encoding these bastards themselves. The second ampersand was really "& a m p ;" (without the space characters obviously).

So my guess on how their filter works is this: Legal entities are accepted such as ← (left arrow), &oring; (ΓΈ). Illegal entities such as &foo; (foo) and &bar; (bar) are escaped by encoding the leading ampersand as "& a m p ;". If it works that way, then it's sort of sensible :-)

What is not so sensible is that blogger forgets my name and web page URL after each visit?! It wouldn't be hard to save the information in a small cookie...

At 11/1/07 12:43, Anonymous Martin said...

Ups, I mixed å and ø up... so the &oring; entity is of course not accepted.

At 11/1/07 14:57, Anonymous mirka said...

oh yes, maybe now even Fitzi would stop to think I'm spamming planet;)

At 11/1/07 22:00, Anonymous mirka said...

btw. some might think to be a nerd is cool, but imho, if in the cs community >90% of people claim they're nerds, it's just boring. yeah, and since nowadays, thanks to some people who present some of their "obviously" geeky/nerdy features very openly, it has become an archetype which I think, is nothing to be truly proud about, if it concerns you. If I'm supposed to talk about myself, I rather say I like my guitar, folk-rock, mountains, and mythology. Upon that, people certainly don't consider me to be a geek/nerd. I don't want them to.


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