Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday humor

As I surfed boing boing yesterday I came across this nerdy mini series. I have only seen 3 of the 8 episodes so far (they are each about 5 minutes in length), but so far they have really been funny.

If you want to know how nerdy the series is. Then let me tell you that the first episode is about a master programmer. He spills soda on his keyboard and gets sucked into the Internet where he meets the two persons: "bit" and "byte". The series includes references to Tron and Star Wars.


At 13/1/07 10:37, Anonymous mirka said...

oh god, if a nerd/geek is a person who considers that miniserie to be funny, that's another reason for me to be scared by right of being viewed as a geek/nerd by somebody.


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