Friday, July 13, 2007

Girls are evil and selling a Metallica ticket

I was going to call this post: "Never trust anyone", but after talking over lunch it got the current title. Todays news story (in Norwegian) is a man that once had a girlfriend and they where living together and where engaged. The girl wins 9,6 million Norwegian kroner and moves out a few days later. He sues her but gets nothing and now has to pay 62500 Norwegian kroner in lawyer fees.

Now lets look a bit more closely. The lottery ticket did not have a name attached to it, and the girl was talking to the lottery company so she got it transfered to her account. He goes to court and does not ask for half, but for all of it. They did not have any written agreement between them while living together. So it was word against word in court. The lawyer fees where incurred not the first time he lost, because when he appealed the verdict and lost again, then it was just frivolous litigation and he rightly incurred the lawyer fees for both sides. So remember to have money in your hand or written agreements with people. Even your girl/boyfriend, never trust them they might cheat you.

Which brings me to my story I have a Metallica ticket that nobody wants. I had a verbal agreement, but that deal fell through so now I am desperately trying to sell a Metallica ticket for the concert tonight (or I will stand to loose DKK 660).



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