Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I am not a casino

Planet DAIMI creates an aggregation of feeds from blogs. One of those blogs that are aggregated is my blog. Somehow my last post there was for a while a post to some spamer some casino stuff... I am not going to give the spamers a link or anything, and I am just posting this to show everyone that this blog is spam free (depends on your definition of spam, but we here assume the usual definition to spam, as related to messages over the Internet).
Also I would say that I am slow to write on my blog for the moment, I just do not feel like it. I also try to keep my blog Planet DAIMI compliant so I do not get any red boxes.


At 20/3/07 17:10, Anonymous Mikkel said...

I said you were the victim of something. You were, you were replaced by a casino ad on Planet DAIMI. How it happened is not really my concern :)


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