Friday, January 26, 2007

Kanelboller and blogging

A few weeks ago I invited people to my birthday party. Now there has been some posts about it from people at daimi. Gabi has a nice post but pictures can say more than a thousand words and Doina has some good ones from the evening. My favorite is this picture of the cinnamon buns when they are fresh and warm.

Also what should I post about?

In my last post Rune commented that there are naked girls on the Internet, this given as a suggestion of what kind of links I should post. Well, for one who has surfed the Internet for 12 years and likes to explore the interesting fringes of society, I know a variety of links. Some which would really make your head spin. I do that because I am intrigued by the multitude of people that exist in the world and the kind of interests they have.

Every person has a story to tell, most of us have little urges or quirkes that makes us special. With the advent of the internet, people can talk about these quirkes they have, in an anonymous fasion. Some have even made websites about it and communities have sprung up. Now some of these fringe groups have a thiving community online. So I can post links to a world you never knew existed.

But do you really want to know?
I sometimes wish I didn't.

PS: There is no need for me to post linkes to boyish fun or naked girls as that is beeing done by so many others (direct links are safe for work). The first link is a great site if you want to see people do dum stuff and fall down.


At 26/1/07 14:29, Anonymous Martin said...

One of your links has an ampersand that needs to be escaped. Oh, the joy of having a validating Planet DAIMI around :-)

At 26/1/07 14:35, Anonymous Martin said...

Cool, you've fixed the link already!

At 26/1/07 14:36, Anonymous Mikkel said...

In some ways Martin's brain works a lot like a computer. If something is wrong with your blog or you have an overfull hbox or something, he just stops and goes "ERROR!". Maybe we need to stop running him with -pedantic :)

At 26/1/07 14:52, Anonymous Rune said...

Hey, just don't share your sick obsession with pictures of cats and kittens. That is sick!! SICK!!

At 26/1/07 18:04, Anonymous mirka said...

some time ago, I shared a picture of my toy cow/balrog Gothmog, and my (living) dog. am I also sick?

At 27/1/07 13:04, Anonymous Rune said...

Don't get me started on you.

At 27/1/07 20:10, Anonymous mirka said...

oh, you have something to say on me? come on, I'm curious. (is it a madness diagnosis, obviously proven by my mania to spam planet with poems (or a fact, that I use to sing along with my mp3 player, even in public)? I wouldn't be surprised.)


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