Sunday, January 14, 2007

Funny roleplaying movie

I arranged a party today. There we got into discussing roleplaying, how it is done and so on.

It can be illustrated quite well with this youtube movie (in two parts, total 12 minutes long) where you see a group of gamers meeting. It is well made and fun, although I should warn that one of the players throws in a rather unexpected twist to the story close to the end. The movie is in french with English subtitles.
Part one
Part two

An explanation of some roleplaying facts for the non-roleplayers among you:
What we have in the movie is a guy meeting his old gaming group, he has a relaxed view of gaming while his friends are more (too) serious about their game. The players play characters and they have a GM (game master) that controls the whole game, he is sitting behind a game master screen in the movie. We are also shown clips of the fantasy world, the world that the game master and players imagine in their head.
Then sometimes players do very strange things which trows the story into disarray, and other players just have to react to that. Like in the real world, where sometimes people do stuff or things happen to you (or other people) that throws your life into disarray.
As a final arbitrator of things in the games are the dices, they tell you if you have been lucky or not. A really good throw at the right time might mean you win the lottery, a really bad throw at the worst possible moment means you can be hit by a lightning from a clear sky.

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At 16/1/07 08:35, Anonymous Chris said...

The second one is really hilarious, I didn't expect that. It really makes fun of those DnD players and it's in real Quebec language, I love it!


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