Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Write yourself into being

I have been procrastinating so I have not posted for some days:
But today a quote caught my eye: "Online... you have to write yourself into being". So if you do not have any presence on the net you are not alive.

More from the interview
"There are sort of four properties and one key practice that are fundamentally different online. The key practice is that you have to write yourself into being. " "There are four functions that are sort of the key architecture of online public and key structures of mediated environments that are generally not part of the offline world. And those are persistence, searchability, replicability, and invisible audiences."
Persistence -- what you say sticks around.s
Searchability -- you can search for what has been said.
Replicability -- anything you say can be copied and pasted.
Invisible audiences -- you do not see your audience.

Quotes taken from this story, which is an interview of this Ph.D. student/blogger.
Further random clicking from blog lead to gallery of very cute cats and kittens. (Warning: Cute overload. Not safe for male readers.)


At 25/1/07 15:44, Anonymous Rune said...

You know there are naked girls on the internet?

At 25/1/07 22:06, Anonymous mirka said...

is it a suggestion for Tord what kind of links he should post?

At 26/1/07 10:38, Anonymous Rune said...

It would help!


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