Thursday, February 08, 2007

Eating, vegetarians

Following up on my philosophical ideas:
To live we need food, now food comes in many form and sizes. Food for humans is almost anything we can eat everything from large and small animals, vegetables, fruit, fish, insects, etc.

But for the bigger picture there are roughly 3 kinds of nutrients:
Animals eat other animals and/or plants.
Plants feed of sunlight.
Computers (or silicon life/machine life, which I define as life) feed on electricity or petrol.

Now I admire vegetarians, for their love of life and their unwillingness to kill other life to live, but I think they are missing the point. If you look at plants and animals they are both made up of cells. Everything we eat is made up of cells, and if you look at them in the microscope there is no large difference between plants and animals, they are both made up of millions of cells. Millions of living breathing cells. On the other hand the vegetarians have understood something the rest of us have forgotten, and that is that we are not pure meat eaters or made to live on artificial foodstuffs. Humans are most adapt at living with a mostly plant diet, that is the most healthy thing we can eat.

Now I love life and I like to preserve any kind of life there is, but I am also born as a animal therefore I must kill other form of carbon life to live. In game terms it is either kill or be killed, and I personally like to live and must therefore kill other life to live. If the life I kill is animal or vegetable makes no difference to me, it is all food, therefore I will never be a 100% vegetarian.

But I greatly respect anything I eat, they have given their life for me to live, and someday microbes will make a tasty snack of me. That is the cycle of life.

(Clarification: The above statements might by some be misread in the direction of cannibalism, now that is wrong I do not condone the idea. Evolutionary cannibalism is very wrong thing to do, but given very very extreme cases almost any animal/human will do it.)



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