Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What is life?

Now for a philosophical post, What is "life"?
My definition of life comes from simple observations:

Life is the thing that goes east when the wind is blowing west.
Life is the thing that grows upwards even though gravity pulls it down.
Life is the thing that swims upstream even though the water runs downwards.
Life is a collection of order in a world that has ever increasing chaos (entropy).

In my definition, my computer is alive.
So each time you turn off your computer you will kill billions of bits.



At 7/2/07 17:17, Anonymous Rune said...

Life should be the identification of the strongest genes if it wasn't for those darn med-students and those sick hippies.

Hippies - since they have incorporated in our brains that everybody should have a chance in life, even the weak and pathetic genes.

Med-students - since they make it possible for weak genes to spread out all over the entire planet.


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