Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stupid Norwegians

Speaking as a Norwegian, there is maybe not a race dumber than Norwegians once the weather becomes warm and they get a couple of beers. This article tells about a prime example of the race called Norwegians and how dumb and lucky they get (article in Norwegian).

A 26 years old guy came to Roskilde, when it was over he walked 2-3 kilometers on the rail tracks and lay down. Gets run over by train and looses his legs, waits 45 min in the ditch gets seen by the next train and is alive today. More stupidity and luck is a rare find. On the same note we have this youtube video of dumb Norwegians in Italy. It is an advertising video, but it shows how Norwegians should refrain from staying anywhere where the temperature could be over 25. Luckily this seems not to be a problem in Denmark at the moment.

Updated 12/07: Just an additional note on stupid Norwegians, last year 3.290 of them had to be hospitalized because of they had had to much to drink (alcohol poisoning). Article is in Norwegian.


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