Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Changes in lifestyle

In Denmark, I spent the evenings at work and the weekends in my apartment. The only sport I was doing was football, which is not suited to my two left feet and sometimes cycling the Brabrand-trail in the weekends. I never could find a good gaming group to hang out with in Denmark, although I did try to get one started.

In Norway I got back to my gaming group, we meet regularly each week, either on Mondays or Thursdays. This is great I get 6-8 friends over, we talk for 1/2-1 hour and then we play roleplaying games for 3-5 hours before we call it a night.

For sports I started with "innebandy" (running after a ball with a stick, like ice hockey without the ice), but that was not a sport for me. Then I started with dancing swing (Boogie-woogie and lindy-hop) and it is actually fun. I have tried to start as a beginner before, but it is actually fun, and this time I am actually getting better fast. I am starting to actually be able to coordinate my feet and hands and think of how to dance at the same time (thinking of 3 things at the same time is usually 2 more than a normal man can manage). But I still have things to work on as I am trying to complete a 8 beat move in 7 beats, which usually messes up things. An added befit is that there are more girls in the dance classes then there are boys.

For the weekends I have travelled to Oslo last weekend to visit an old friend, and I am going to Oslo again next weekend to attend a gaming event and to visit friends.

For all the good things in Denmark and all the fun I have had down there, I am a Norwegian at heart and I have 10 years of roots and acquiring friends in Trondheim. There is something said for living in one place long. If I could just merge these two places I would have the perfect place on the earth.



At 30/9/07 15:19, Anonymous mirka said...

wow, I mean ... dancing classes :))


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