Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Financial blogs I read

There are two ways of getting more money. One is getting paid more, by getting a raise, changing jobs or taking a second job. The other way is using less, or getting more for less money. The second option is usually the better, and you can get a better life using less money. For more on this I follow these two blogs daily: The simple dollar and Get rich slowly .

For an overview of the Danish housing markets we have the following 2 part article (on a Norwegian blog which is highly negative of world markets). I can also add my own observation, when I came to Denmark November 2006, there was a sellers marked, when I left I could count 6-8 for sale signs on my way home, and I only needed 10-15 min to cycle home (downhill).



At 30/9/07 15:21, Anonymous mirka said...

isn't there any advice/magazine/blog about how to get rich QUICKLY?


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