Monday, September 10, 2007

Voting in Norway

Today there are local elections in Norway, it is local elections and I do not care which way the election goes.
1. The election results will only affect some aspects of my life here in Trondheim, and as I might be leaving this town in about one year the election has limited effect on me personally.
2. As I have lived one year in Denmark, the Norwegians have found me unfit to vote in the local elections.

Anyway to please my blog audience I have taken a test of which party I should have voted for:
The winner is Venstre (left) a central left party. A party that stands for decentralizing and freedom for individuals, a small party that I usually do not think of voting for. The runner up is an extrem left leaning party, followed by a more moderate left party. Then I jump over to the moderate right, and so on. At the bottom is the party at the far right which is against immigration. All in all a quite left leaning views.

The interesting part was that 10 years ago, I would probably have had FRP and H towards the top. I like FRP free-marked speaking, but as everyone (who knows me) knows, I have allways liked people from abroad.


At 11/9/07 15:20, Anonymous Mikkel said...

I was a little quick when I did it, but I ended up with 65% SV.

However, they asked the wrong questions all the way through. Most of it I don't even care about.

At 12/9/07 23:03, Blogger Tordr said...

Yes I know, the questions they asked where not interesting.


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