Tuesday, October 09, 2007

How to get rich quickly (1/2)

In my post on financial blogs I read Mirca commented "isn't there any advice/magazine/blog about how to get rich QUICKLY?"

This post (and the next one) is my attempt to answer this question. Now I will start off with saying that there is no single way to get rich that can work for everyone, there is also no single way to get rich quickly that is without PAIN. Some will read my articles and still not like my answers, to those I would tell then to go buy a ticket to a lottery and hope it is your lucky day that is their only solution.

We first start out by defining what is it to be rich, most people will tell you that to be rich is to have lots of money. That is a good definition, but it is not correct, because of one little thing we all forget and that is that money is worthless. Money is nothing, money is represented by pieces of paper, or bits representing bank accounts in some computer, but in reality they have no real value in and of themselves. Let me give you an example:

Above is the first note in the newly created national bank of Tord. They are created by a national bank and they are usable as legal tender in the country of Tord (still to be created). They are not counted in kroner or dollar, but in units. For all practical purposes this is money.

What is missing in the previous definition is that to be rich is to have lots of money, money that other people can accept in exchange for goods or services. To really define what it is to be rich we have to go deeper, we have to define it in terms of what you can do with the money.

If you want to be rich quickly, you have to find out what you wanted to do with the money before you get them. So dear reader, what would make you rich, not in terms of an amount of kroner or dollar, but in terms of what you could do with the money? If you cannot define this, then let me give you a million units and you will be rich in a flash.

More on this next post.



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