Friday, October 12, 2007

Snow in Tronheim

Before I continue with my rambling about getting rich quickly (which still does not have comments). I have to talk about yesterday, a strange day. Below is a picture taken from my flat that morning.

Winter has come to Trondheim.

Now if you ever wonder why I want to move back to Denmark, this picture says it all. I want to move somewhere where there is something else than rain or snow. I do not care about the fact that Al Gore or the Panel on climate change won the Nobel peace price. All I care is that the place where I live is dry. (For all you Danes who things it rains all the time, Trondheim is worse with just a few drops all day long for months on end and with early snow).

Yesterday I also bought plane tickets to visit a friend in Oslo area in two weeks time. After trying to get hold of that friend all week long to coordinate when I should come in the weekend.

Yesterday was also the which is usually when I get paid from the university. This time was no different than any other time, only that I achieved what I would call money neutrality. What I mean with that term will not be explained, only that it was a financial goal I had.

Lastly yesterday it was so cold that I had to start warming up the apartment for the first time this winter. I usually leave that task up to my 4 neighbours. I should also have packed for a trip this weekend to be part of a gaming event this weekend (Østfronten 1943), but I was too tired to do it. (I am only assisting, so my somewhat later arrival today will not affect things).

The snow did not stay yesterday, it was washed away by the rain which fell for the rest of day yesterday.


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