Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ever lost?

If you are ever lost then just start a random walk, and you will eventually get to where you want to go. This is true in 2-dimensions (ref: Wikipedia, Mathworld) but only 34% chance in 3-dimensions (ref: Wikipedia, Mathworld).
Although our world is has 3 dimensions, we cannot fly so we can transform the 3-dimensional space we live in into a 2-dimensional structure which contain all the places which we can walk on.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Random videos

Here is a collection on strange or amusing videos:
Stacking up dices.
Doing tricks shots on a pool table.
Real life Minesweeper movie (trailer).
Laser wielding guys against deadly furries.

A small cute dancing robot.
The small cute dancing robot is the star of a real music video.

Some videos you probably have seen before:
A wooden computer.
OK Go's video where they dance on treadmills.
The evolution of dance.


Good bye Denmark, hello Norway

My stay in Århus, Denmark has come to an end, and I am back in Trondheim, Norway. I have had 11,5 great months in Denmark, but work forces me to go back to Norway.

It was great seeing friends here in Trondheim, some who have been my friends for over 10 years. On the other hand I will miss all the friends I have from my time in Århus. To all the people I know in Århus: I hope to see you again, sometime, somewhere in the future.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Back from holidays

The last 11 days have been used to get away from work and maybe relax.

Wednesday last week was used to visit the northern tip of Denmark, and Thursday was used to drive to Copenhagen. It was great seeing Denmark from a car, and it was a great experience. I finally feel like I have seen (most of) Denmark. On Friday I went to Norway to attend a wedding of a cousin of mine at Stange (2 hours north of Oslo). The wedding (and baptising of their child at the same time) was picture perfect. The weather was cloudy and not to warm, but the ceremony and the wedding dinner and party afterwords was perfect. The only problem was that we had to endure a 6 hours wedding dinner with lots of speeches. Lots of good drink and some good food plus a few breaks made the whole dinner liveable. The party on Saturday was supplemented with an excursion to a "Seter" (place where they had the cows for summer pasture) on Sunday.
Tuesday evening to Sunday morning was spent relaxing in a cabin some 100 meters from the sea. The cabin is located 1,5 hours south of Oslo, between Fredrikstad and Sarpsborg. Then on Sunday it was back to Denmark.

So I have not really had to much time to relax, and the weather has been cold or wet, but it was good to take some days of and get away from e-mail and my browser. 8 days meant that 470 e-mails was waiting in my inbox. Of these 470 half was spam and half was e-mail lists I subscribe to, only 30 or so were real mail that I have read.

Now it is only less than 2 weeks before I leave Denmark to live in Trondheim again.